Church EMERGENCY Closure Information

St. John’s Church of Faith
Emergency Closure Information

 Currently there are five (5) methods to find out if our church has cancelled Sunday services due to snow, ice, or other emergency situations.  Please keep this information handy so that you can refer to it in the future.
The decision t
o cancel Sunday services is made by our  Board President.
We want you to be safe and sincerely hope that one of these five (5) methods works well for you.  Our goal is to have it updated between 8:00 and 8:30 AM, the day of the church service that is if those who update these systems have

1 – The church answering system.  Dial 610-776-7211.  Once you hear the beginning of the message, press eight (8) and you will hear the recorded message for that particular day.  Note:  The system allows only one incoming call at a time, if you receive a busy signal, try again.

2 – Email is sent to those who have provided their email address for this specific purpose. 

3 – Go to the channel 69 website of to view information on their Storm Center.  Note:  According to Channel 69, closures will only be on Channel 69 TV when severe conditions warrant it be posted.

4 – Go to the Church Website of – if the church is closed/cancelled it will show up in the upper left side of the screen under “Recent Posts”

5 – You can also receive an email from WFMZ 69 weather when I issue a closing for church, please go to the website of
Click on “sign up for severe weather emails for your county”
Create an account
Follow the instructions for what weather conditions you want emailed to you.
You will want to enter “St Johns Church Of Faith”

Should you have any questions, please contact Rev. Karen at or at church.

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