St. John’s Church of Faith ~ A Metaphysical Community

St. John's Church of FaithSt John’s Church services are unique, we have a different speaker each week. The ministers are ordained with Metaphysical Universal Ministries, Allentown, PA.

A sacred portion of this service is devoted to healing. You may also receive a message from Spirit. You are invited to come and join the energies in the highest form.

Our Church Creed:
This church was founded in order to teach, promote, and demonstrate metaphysical and spiritual laws. We respect the truths in all religions in order to expand awareness throughout the world, revering all life, for the benefit of all mankind.

Our physical address is:
607 Washington Street  (Corner of 6th and Washington Streets)
Allentown, Pennsylvania 18102
Ph: 610-776-7211
Sunday Services – 10:30 am

Our mailing address is:
2538 South Appel St.
Allentown PA 18103

For Pastoral Care:
Pastor: Rev. Isabelle Moll
Co-Pastor: Rev. Karen Kohler
CEO & Pastor Emeritus: Rev. Lloyd Moll, Jr.

Classes are held throughout the year. Please visit our website often for the event calendar.   To place your name on the email list please contact Rev. Karen at or call the church and leave a message at 610-776-7211.

To schedule an event in the Chapel or Social Hall, please email Arlene at or leave a message at the church 610-776-7211.

Board of Directors of St. John’s Church of Faith
CEO – Rev. Lloyd Moll, Pastor
President – Jeff Shafer
Vice President – Rev. Dr. Karen A. Kohler
Treasurer – Rev. Joyce Kunkle
Secretary – Arlene Niess, Minister of Healing
Directors -
Paula Hero
Rev. Glenn Lehman
Allen Weidman


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